Martin Muse and Rudy Valentino - Full HD 1080p

Martin Muse and Rudy Valentino - Full HD 1080p
There are no two friends who are closer, or cuter, than Martin Muse and Rudy Valentino. They share a lot of the same interests and often go out smelling together. Another thing they like to do together is watch professional wrestling. They sometimes get a little rise in their pants when the sweaty guys are bending into different positions in the ring. This made their nights of watching wrestling kind of erotic. One night they started talking about what would happen if they got in a wrestling match. Both were sure that they would be the one who would be victorious. They decided to set up a fight to find out, once and for all, who learned the most from wrestling. When they start fighting, it doesn’t take long before they’re reminded of how erotic those nights watching wrestling together would get. Martin gets Rudy in a headlock and won’t let go. Their cocks start getting hard because they keep touching each other’s bare asses that are hanging out of their uniforms. Martin proves to be too good and pins Rudy. He takes his uniform off immediately and makes Rudy lie on the mat so he can mount his chest and slide his big cock in his mouth. Rudy gives Martin a blowjob in return then Martin makes him get on all fours so he can slide his cock inside him and fuck him doggy style. They then start fucking in the spooning position until Rudy cums all over his own stomach.
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Duration: 21:37
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Martin Muse and Rudy Valentino - Full HD 1080p
Tags: Gays
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