Escaped PSYCHO Sexually Helpless Young Victim

Escaped PSYCHO Sexually Helpless Young Victim
Cast: Chloe Temple
Genres: 1st IR cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, Rimming, Barely Legal, small natural tits, Deepthroat, Handjob, interracial, face fucking, gagging, ass licking, blow jobs

The sun has already gone down by the time Chloe starts on her way home from the mall. She left her high school hours ago but went straight to the mall to hang with her friends, window shop, look at cute boysall the things girls her age do. She's been having WAY too much fun with her friends, so much that she didn't even notice what time it was. By the time she gets to her parent's complex the night is darkand filled with TERRORS.

If she hadnt deleted her news app from her phone to make room for more pictures Chloe would have gotten the notification that a very dangerous psychopath has escaped from the insane asylum in her town. And that psychopath has a history of violentDEVIANT behavior

As Chloe heads up the stairsshe can almost swear that she hears and feelssomething. But when she looks to seetheres nothing there. Thats because the deranged psycho is lurking in the shadowsjust out of sightwatching her

For the safety of society, Hes been locked away for years. And while the state has spent tens of thousands attempting to treat his psychotic behaviorthey have failed. Every day and night. He thinks of doing it again. And again. TouchingcaressingVIOLATINGtender young girls. He hasnt allowed himself sexual release in months. Because he knew that one dayone dayhe would get out and bring his SICK fantasies to frightening reality.

His aura of deviance is palpable. Chloe doesn't know what it isbut she feels it. She tries to shake the feeling of dread as she enters her parents house. But in her distracted stateshe doesnt notice that the door she pushed closed.has been STOPPED by an outstretched hand

"Mom? man?" She calls out. No answer. "Looks like im all alone tonight." She thinks. She doesnt know it yet. But shes wrong. Shes not alone. She has company. Sicktwistedcompany.

He's inside the apartment now. The thoughts in his twisted unhinged brain are viledepraved. He see's her young tight body in her little pantieslaying there on the couchand the the MONSTER inside of himbegins to awaken. Her figureher curvesher smellhe goodies it inlets it fuel himfuel the beast inside him. She lays there, unaware as he approaches herhis BIG BLACK DICK throbbingclosercloseruntil.

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Escaped PSYCHO Sexually Helpless Young Victim
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