Ezra Gets Dirty

Ezra Gets Dirty
Studio: Dirtytony

Boy, oh boy, am I lucky to have this extra fine specimen of horny and smooth twink on my casting couch today. Ezra is one special addition to my ever growing collection of boyish bedpost notches and I cant wait to see if I can push his limits. Ezra and I immediately begin chatting about his move from Seattle, and what kinds of sex acts hes excited to do on camera for his first excursion into the industry. It comes as no surprise as he explains that his deliciously fuckable ass often ends up getting plowed by most of the guys who are lucky enough to go home with him from the bars. And I cant wait to be the next one to get an up close view. He slides back on the bed and quickly goes to work massaging the swelling bulge in his jeans as he looks up at me for approval while unbuttoning the fly. He pushes the waistband of his tight grey briefs down to let that perfect cock out in the open. Grasping that beautiful dick and stroking faster and faster, Ezra lets out a moan before pushing his pants and underwear completely off and reclining back on the bed sensually stroking and showing off his smooth tanned torso. I cant resist measuring; getting out my tape measure to confirm my suspicions about his big cock being about 8 inches. I start to stroke it, while using my other hand gently brush up against his nearly hairless perineum while I watch his eyes roll back in his head. All the while Im hoping Ill feel his sizzlingly hot lips wrapped around my pulsating hard cock while that glowing pink 98 degree boyhole clenches rhythmically onto my probing thumb; we shall soon see. I slowly push my spit covered index finger into his blazing hot asshole where I can feel it engulf it all the way down to my second knuckle and I can feel his heartbeat getting faster and faster. Im able to get two whole fingers inside before I lay back and let him pull my rock hard cock out and make it disappear into the softest throat Ive ever felt. Ezra expertly works my dick and pulls my pants completely off so he can give some special oral attention to my balls which are so tight with the reservoir of spunk Im about to explode all over his young looking face. Finally I get up on my knees and let Ezra suck both nuts into his mouth while I jerk a furious pint of molten cum into his open hungry mouth while he simultaneously shoots impressive arc after arc of propulsive jizz onto his gorgeous tight body. Im pretty sure Ezras going to go far in the porn world!

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Ezra Gets Dirty
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