Horns of Plenty, Part 1

Horns of Plenty, Part 1
Release Year: 2009
Studio: Kristen Bjorn

An international cast of sixteen of the world's hottest men get together in Horns of Plenty Part 1 for some of the most sex-explosive action you have ever witnessed!

1. Carlos Montenegro, Marius Mugler
Out in the countryside, muscle studs Carlos Montenegro and Marius Mugler get together to suck the cum out of each others cocks. Then Marius plows Carlos' muscle butt, making Carlos shoot all over his eight pack abs. Marius then flips Carlos over, and keeps fucking him until he blows his own man-load.

2. Bruno Jones, Pau Casserras, Richard Rubio
Bruno Jones, Pau Casserras, and Richard Rubio form a suck train on an outdoor hay stack, where they wolf down each others dicks until each man has blown his load. Then, moving inside a barn, Bruno fucks both Pau and Richard with this huge, uncut meat, causing more cum to be shot!

3. Mike Colucci, Max Exe, Christian Herzog
In an old, stone country house, cute Mike Colucci sucks on Max Exe, and Christian Herzog's long, uncut cocks, until all three men shoot their cream. The three handsome studs then form a fuck chain, with Christian in the middle, and literally plow the cum out of each other!

4. Carlos Montenegro, Marius Mugler, Bruno Jones, Pau Casserras, Richard Rubio
Out on a country road, muscle men Carlos Montenegro and Marius Mugler cross paths with gorgeous Bruno Jones, Pau Casserras, and Richard Rubio. In no time flat, the five men start a suck fest by the ruins of an old mill, and milk the cum from one anothers dicks. Then, Carlos fucks blond stud Pau, while Marius rides Brunos fat sausage, until yet another round of cum shots have been fired off!

5. Robert McDougal, Nicos Casanova, Renato Lima
Blond hotcake Robert McDougal spots Brazilian hunks Nicos Casanova and Renato Lima riding . He follows them, and ends up sucking the jism out of their huge, uncut dicks. Nicos and Renato then double penetrate Robert, whamming him with a hard, double dick fuck, making all three men cum again!

6. David Dirdam, Alex Ferrari
Out in the mountains, hot country dwellers David Dirdam and Alex Ferrari get together to suck hot cream from each others cocks. David then throws Alex a hard fuck, until Alexs shoots his cream. Then it's David's turn to ride Alex?s dick like a wild bronco, until it's David's turn to blow!

7. Luciano Prado, Antonio Ferrari, Nikolai Tinkoff
Out in the forest, hunky woodsman Luciano Prado teaches musclular, furry studs Antonio Ferrari and Nikolai Tinkoff to chop wood. Later, the three men release their uncut cocks from their jeans, and literally suck the cum out of each other! Then, Luciano and Antonio take turns fucking hot, Russian Nikolai with their huge dicks. The tables turn when Luciano suddenly plows Antonio's muscle ass, causing the men to spill even more hot loads.

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Horns of Plenty, Part 1
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